Mission Statement

The Boccia & Quinn Wealth Management Group prides itself on being an investment planning practice that expresses a genuine concern for each client and aims to develop life long, compassionate relationships. The team's main focus is to help clients specify and achieve their financial goals and needs through an intelligent, disciplined approach to saving and investment. The Boccia & Quinn Wealth Management Group offers services in all financial services areas including (but not limited to) college and retirement planning, lending and insurance.1

The Group's Business Philosophy

The Boccia & Quinn Wealth Management Group believes it separates itself from the rest of the financial services industry through our professionalism and organized approach to business. We realize that each client has a unique financial situation with different goals and needs. As a result, our associates give each client the proper time and commitment that they deserve. Our group strives to become the focal point of all our clients' financial decisions and to add a value to our clients' financial situation that is irreplaceable and second to none.

Clients We Currently Serve

  • High Net Worth Individuals and their Families

  • Corporate Executives

  • Public and Private Corporations 

  • Small Business Owners and Self-Employed Workers

  • Young Professionals

1Lending and insurance services are offered through affiliates.